SILVER PLAN Review : Earn Up to 4.5% Daily! For 60 Days

This Program Currently Paying To Their Investors

About limited is a Belize incorporated investment and sports prediction platform which specializes in arbitrage sports trading, our system uses a proprietary algorithm developed by a team of data scientists, analysts, and sports betting specialists with over 25 years experience in the industry to leverage the market.

This has helped Telebet to produce stable and profitable results over the years. Telebet is a first of its kind investment and sports prediction platform that uses proprietary algorithm and big data technology to leverage the market and make stable returns through arbitrage sports trading.

Important Details

Min Investment  $20.00
Customer Support 24/7
Avg. Refer Rate 1 Level Refer System 5%
Payment Type
Company Type Hyip
Payment processors Bitcoin
Add Time 02/01/2020

Investment Plan Of Telebet 

Use Telebet calculator to know how much you will earn based on your investment amount. The minimum deposit amount is 20$, Maximum $ 5000, Minimum Withdrawal amount is $2 in Perfect money, Payeer, BTC, $5 Invest and automatically earn 2.5% of their investment amount daily for 60 days.


One of’s ground breaking features, apart from your fixed 2.5% daily interest, is also your ability to predict and earn extra 1.5% daily interest on your investment amount at zero risk of loss, all you have to do is invest and predict!.

Secure sites user experience and security is top notch with millitary grade level encryption to secure user data and protect from ddos attacks.


Telebet company is registered and incorporated in Belize, this ensures our regulatory compliance to deliver to you the very best services.


Sports prediction can be a great way to enjoy your favorite sports and make money out of it. Sports betting has been around for centuries and has grown in popularity in the recent years due to technology.

Affilaite Program robust affiliate program provides you a fantastic opportunity to even earn more money from promoting telebet to your friends and family among the different social media channels avaialabe.

24/7 Hours Trading

Telebet Human performance often depends on emotions and various life situations. A person is passionate, may experience fear or become depressed. This affects the trading results. The bot does not experience any emotions. He is not peculiar to excitement. It works within the framework of the prescribed algorithm, avoiding errors.

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