SCAM PLAN Hyip Review : ITOs Are the First Form of Crowdfunding

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About Mvg.devAbout are less risky and far more reliable than traditional or mainstream blockchain-based capital raising methods, such as ICOs, where enterprises don’t have to begin development on their products until after the crowdfunding stage, leaving investors subject to increased risk and several points-of-failure, such as fraud or theft. learn more about the ITO protocol and the wide range of working parts that makes the MVG concept possible, valuable and a necessity to the crypto/blockchain crowdfunding space, see the project home, which includes a wide variety of information about the project.

Important Details

Min Investment $9.00
Avg. Refer Rate1 Level Refer System 3%
Payment TypeInstant
Company TypeHyip
Payment processors Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin
Add Time21/02/2020

Investment Plan Of

102.4% IN 3 DAYS



Advantages of the ITO Protocol

Investors and enterprises who have each others’ best interest at heart will prefer the ITO Protocol than traditional/mainstream crowdfunding alternatives. Incentivised token offerings allow enterprises to easily raise capital for their product in-development while securing investors from all points of failure commonly seen in methods such as ICOs.

Instant Liquidity

No lock-in required. ITO contributors toward ITO’s are able to instantly liquidate their investment at any point during the incentivisation period.

Immutable Recording

Every investment and staking reward is recorded in an immutable and transparent ledger, to ensure complete verifiability of all volume generated during the ITO.

Incentivised Participation

Investors are able to indicate their confidence in order to receive varying staking rewards for their participation during the ITO.

Privacy Friendly

Investors who do not plan to surpass the KYC/AML limit are able to use the platform with absolutely no account restrictions or privacy intruding verification.

Forward-thinking Team

Strong planning and confident execution are vital requirements for the success of any project. The MVG Team is continually aiming to broaden and solidify new network directions to increase potential for growth.

Consensus Control

Following ITO completion, the ITO platform will serve to enable consensus-driven capital movements. Investors may manually or automatically approve future enterprise capital movement propositions, putting the control back into investors hands.

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