SILVER PLAN Hyip Review : Automating Transactions on The Exchange

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The 20th and 21st centuries accelerated and automated a lot in lives: they moved from horse-drawn carts to cars, created a conveyor and set up mass production, flew into space, etc. – during this time everything has changed. A person is inclined to simplify his life, to make it better and more convenient, and this is a natural state. Automation also affected financial markets – this was inevitable. are an automated system of robots that automatically makes the decision to open and close positions based on the created program. A trading robot is used to work around the clock and exclude the emotions of a trader to maximize profits when trading on Forex, FORTS, CME. the algorithm of the Trading Robot, all the actions that he needs to perform are already registered and only he will perform them, and instantly. A person simply cannot be exact, because the reaction speed is extremely low compared to robots and the speed of decision-making leaves much to be desired. A person blinks at a speed of 100 milliseconds, during this time the Robot has time to make a trading decision and perform the necessary actions, and the Person will only begin to analyze what happened on the market.

Important Details

Min Investment 50 RUB
Support 24/7
Avg. Refer Rate 1 Level Refer System 5%
Payment Type
Company Type Hyip
Payment processors Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Pyeer, Yandex Money
Add Time 17/01/2020

Investment Plan Of


Investment Amount 50 RUB – 100.000 RUB


Trust in a professional robot for maximum income without any risk. They use modern equipment, which allows customers not to think about security.


Simple and convenient use of the service makes it easy to carry out any operations. They provide stable daily passive income and instant payments.

Security Policy

The company’s servers and the entire database, which includes customer information, the history of all transactions and personal activity statistics, are reliably protected from any hacker interventions in order to steal any data or change it. Round-the-clock monitoring of the service and full protection of the integrity of the site using the cryptographic protocol SSL. It uses robust server protection against distributed denial of service attacks through load balancing, VPN, and firewall techniques.

Passive Earnings earn money with company you do not have to open a deposit. They have developed a profitable affiliate program that allows you to receive a stable passive income from attracting new members to team. Use your affiliate link to attract your friends and acquaintances to the program.

24/7 Customer Support provide unrivaled customer support through a ticket system, email and online chat to meet your needs and provide a professional, fast and efficient response.

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