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About INCORPORATED (CSWI) has emerged from the holding company Lion Rock Group Limited. The central office of LionRockGroup Limited is based in Hong Kong. Since 2011, CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED has been operating as an independent company specializing in software and crypto security issues.

Since its inception, CSWI has worked closely with the largest British financial institutions, trading platforms in the UK, the USA, and in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, with scientific and educational centers of these countries and with companies specializing in international trade security.

CRYPTO SOFTWARE INCORPORATED – is an influential provider of innovative software solutions and algorithms for crypto ATM’s in the Asia-Pacific region. It is engaged in the development and production of equipment and non-standard solutions for the automation of the banking sector and trading operations of retail and retail departments and financial institutions.

Important Details

Min Investment $20.00
Customer Support 24/7
Avg. Refer Rate 2 Level Refer System 4-6%
Payment Type
Company Type Hyip
Payment processors Bitcoin, paerfect Money, Apyeer, Litcoin, Advcash
Add Time 02/01/2020

Investment Plan Of

$20 min $399 max 15 days 1.10 %

$400 min $2999 max 25 days 1.20 %

$3000 min $19999 max 35 days 1.33 %

$20000 min $100000 max 60 days 1.70 %

Crypto Circulation

Over the past 6 years, CSWI has reached the level of one of the leading suppliers of software solutions and algorithms for ensuring the security of crypto circulation that meet the needs of a growing and dynamically changing global market.


Algorithms and software solutions, as well as complex services of CSWI are widely used in financial and non-financial areas, such as verification and identification of subjects of trading operations, crypto banking, creation and maintenance of automated stock trading terminals and workplaces, telecommunications in other similar areas.

Specialization and Product

The software of company is used in equipment for scanning, recognition and identification of objects and documents. Reading fingerprints, palms and other biometric parameters of the person, and if necessary, can automatically support the KYC protocol of the selected country in the process of trading and other financial transactions.

24/7 Hours Human performance often depends on emotions and various life situations. A person is passionate, may experience fear or become depressed. This affects the trading results. The bot does not experience any emotions. He is not peculiar to excitement. It works within the framework of the prescribed algorithm, avoiding errors.

Transparent and Trustworthy.

Cryptoswi goal is to achieve new opportunities, increasing the efficiency and processability of financial operations, simplifying and increasing their safety, giving clients innovational services which are transparent and trustworthy.

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